Hello World!

Today, the 22nd of March 2014.

Today is the day I start writing my blog. I’ve thought about it for year but the fear of what to write has always hindered me, but today is the day I start writing my blog.

Armed with a cup of Nescafe Alta Rica coffee (which I believe is the best coffee ever made by Nescafe), sleeping flatmates, and the voice of Carrie Bradshore in my head. I am finally ready to write my blog. So here we go…

Introductions must of course be made, I’m a Nigerian studying Business management in the United Kingdom. I must mention that I studied software engineering for 2 years before moving to a business management top-up (more about my exciting life later).

Needing to keep all thoughts in my head, out of my head and onto a savable diary and keep adding to online presence or perhaps its the need to reinvent myself. I’ve finally given into writing a blog and finally checking another task of the bucket list amongst many (more on the bucket list later). Perhaps 10 years in the future, I’ll look back and read through my old posts and hopefully smile.

Happy blogging / reading (to you and possibly future me).